LEGO tank with full interior by mad_a0

Flickr newcomer mad_a0 recently exploded onto the scene with this awesomely detailed minifig-scale tank.

LEGO tank

Very cool, certainly, but what sets this tank apart is that mad_a0 has built a fully detailed interior. Most LEGO tanks are lucky to fit a minifig driver, much less components like a removable engine.

LEGO tank exploded view

The exploded view itself is a study in excellent presentation. See more photos on Flickr.

6 comments on “LEGO tank with full interior by mad_a0

  1. alldarker

    WOW. I remeber making a model WW II Tiger Tank when I was little, which als had interior, and this looks EXACTLY the same. Amazing eye for detail and amazing research into interior, exterior and scale.
    This simply is incredible…

  2. The Mad Physicist

    Very nice. It looks very good from the outside, which is no mean feat by itself, but the interior detail and the functionality of it all is magnificent.

  3. Will Thomas

    On the exploded view, the top 3 sections look die-cast to me, they’re done so well. And the fact that he got an interior also is just icing on the cake. These two factors make this my favorite military MOC of all time, bar none.

  4. Milan CMadge

    I’m stunned! It’s fantastic! I’m trying to build a fully detailed interior on my own model and it’s harder than it looks! mad_a0 is just simply GENIUS!!

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