Meet the Blockheads

Shannon Young introduces us to this dysfunctional family in his latest creation. I love ’em!

LEGO family Blockheads

7 comments on “Meet the Blockheads

  1. cheeseslope

    I’d love this, even without the Blockheads. The room itself is full of personality.

  2. Daedalus

    I agree with cheeseslope, great all around. I wish we could see more of the room. That couch looks nice, and I’m loving the tv. The couple almost have a Wallace and Grommit feel.

  3. Shannon Young

    No, you wouldn’t love it without the Blockheads, because without them the room never would have had a reason to exist! There isn’t really any more of it to see, it’s just the two walls. I thought these characters were pretty fun myself, so thanks everyone for all the compliments.

  4. legomason

    The recliner looks like it actually works. Pretty sweet.

    Also excellent use of the binoculars and robot torso on the hair.

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