New LEGO Architecture sets to feature Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum and Fallingwater [News]

UPDATE: The LEGO Architecture Guggenheim and Fallingwater are now available from the LEGO Shop online. Click the photos in this post to learn more.


According to a press release from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, the next LEGO Architecture sets designed by Adam Reed Tucker will be inspired by the buildings of the iconic American architect (1867-1959).

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City will be celebrating its 50th anniversary later this year.

LEGO Guggenheim Museum

Wright designed Fallingwater in 1934 as the private home of Edgar J. Kaufmann, and the house remains one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s best-loved structures to this day.

LEGO Fallingwater

Neither set is available from the LEGO Shop yet, but were apparently released on May 15 at the opening of an exhibit at the Guggenheim.

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11 comments on “New LEGO Architecture sets to feature Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum and Fallingwater [News]

  1. the enigma that is badger

    Both look great, but that Fallingwater is amazing. I’ve been a big fan of Wright’s work for some time now, and taking a tour of some his Oak Park homes a few weeks back, I kept remarking how his style would translate beautifully into MOCs given their design. Looks like I was right!

    If we’re talking Wright, I’ve love to see the Robie House and/or Taliesin West next

  2. David4

    Falling Water is a huge favorite of mine, however he built it horribly bad to make it look good and he didn’t care. I loved him, his life was insane. One of his wives were killed when the chef went crazy.

  3. Pheathurr

    Mine!!! Mine!!!! Mine!!! Must have. Come to me my precious!!! LoL

    Very cool looking.

    Did my thesis on Wright in college. Almost went to Taliesin, but was going on GI bill and they didn’t recognize it as an accredited college.

  4. The Ranger of Awesomeness

    Oooh, these look nice. I doubt fallingwater will be under $30.00, but it looks like a great parts pack. And the museum looks like it has lots of cool parts…

  5. sbs905

    I’m so please that LEGO has created these sets. I always thought the Star Wars Lego sets were closest to my heart, but as the son of a man who studied at Taliesin and worked on the Guggenheim, I have a new favorite. Now I’m hoping for a Taj Mahal scale Wright set.

  6. worker201

    Fallingwater is a little more multi-colored than this, but both models are really impressive. Hope to be stacked with cash by the time they get released here.

    Oh, and because of this post, I remembered that I had been remiss in not getting my Lego Space Needle yet. Thanks for the reminder, it has now been ordered.

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