LEGO store grand opening in Frisco, Texas sets record in sales

This past weekend at the grand opening of LEGO’s newest store in Frisco, Texas, massive crowds of kids and adults visited the first ever LEGO store in North Texas. Sales from Friday until Sunday topped over $130,000, setting a new record for sales at the grand opening of a LEGO store and surpassing the previous record of $110,000 held by the LEGO store in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Greg Anway, the manager of the Frisco store, jokingly commented “from now on we’ll just refer to them as Prussia.”

Indeed, the grand opening of a LEGO store marks a spectacular event. In addition to an extensive seleciton of LEGO sets and Pick-a-Brick wall, the store also gives away a promotional set, t-shirt, and collectable Duplo brick to customers. Shoppers lined up for hours throughout the day just to get into the store (video)! Employees in turn were constantly restocking the shelves.

In addition, the grand opening features a building event where kids can help build an 8-ft. tall R2-D2 model with Master Model Builder Dan. Over the weekend, kids made thousands of giant bricks that were four times the dimensions of an ordinary LEGO brick. The bricks were then put together by Dan using a smaller version of R2 as reference.

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6 comments on “LEGO store grand opening in Frisco, Texas sets record in sales

  1. aussiechef

    When oh when are we going to get a LEGO shop in Australia? Who do I have to see to make it so? Mind you it’s probably just as well we don’t have one here or I might never go home again!

  2. Big C

    I was only there on Friday night, unfortunately, but I still had a lot of fun. I did get to meet Dan and talk to him for a few minutes, and a buddy of mine and I helped break apart bricks for a few hours. Guess I was behind the scenes more than anywhere else. :-) The Dallas store will be opening this summer, and hopefully I’ll be able to be at that event longer than this one.

  3. grandpappy

    It was utterly crazy to try and get into the store. A buddy and I stopped by on Saturday, but decided it wasn’t worth waiting over an hour in line to get into a store.

    We did get to check out the R2D2 though, and that was neat to see.

  4. Yeow

    Thankfully I got there later in the day (2:30 ish) and the wait to get in the store was ONLY about 30-40 minutes. I’m really glad in hindsight I didn’t get there earlier.

  5. legocreatorguy

    I see Nannan is nearly going to jump out of his bricks in that first picture. :-P

    I guess Colorado is just to small to get a second store… D-:

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