Chris raises the bar for the rest of us...

Chis Wunz built this incredible rose as a present for his wife, Erin.

Way to go, Chris, now Rachel wants to know why I haven’t built one for her…thanks a lot. ;)

4 comments on “Chris raises the bar for the rest of us...

  1. Melfice

    I am very much impressed.
    If I ever find a girl that’s as geeky* as I am, I am so trying my hand at that.

    * Not saying that being an AFOL is geeky in and of itself, but… building romantic gifts with it could be considered as such. =P

  2. aussiechef

    Every now and then, someone creates something that is basically quite simple but absolutely stunning in effect.
    This is a perfect example of a wonderful piece of LEGO art. Beautifully photographed too!
    I’m terribly jealous.

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