New 2009 BrickArms items include Bazooka, MGL, machete, Lewis gun, Wild West revolver, & more [News]

BrickArms has just introduced the first wave of 2009 custom minifigure guns and accessories for sale in four different colors matching LEGO’s palette. Check out all 14 new items at!

We’ll be doing a full review of these new items shortly. In the meantime, you can read more about the 2009 BrickArms accessories and see pictures of prototype versions in our preview of the 2009 Brickarms Bazooka, MGL, Lewis gun, and more.

8 comments on “New 2009 BrickArms items include Bazooka, MGL, machete, Lewis gun, Wild West revolver, & more [News]

  1. Motor.On


    Although the MG42 is sadly missing, SUCH AN EPIC WIN!

    I finally can get some bazookas, rockets ammo clips, and u-clips!


  2. the enigma that is badger

    “Does this mean the “complete gun pack” or whatever it was called is no longer available?”

    That would be the BrickArms Mega Pack and yes, it was discontinued as even including just one of every BrickArms accessory would just be too much! Look for more focused, theme-based packs from BrickArms now and in the future.

  3. Will Thomas

    omg omg omg!!1 i will trade u 2 bipods for a sword adn 4 bazoka custum mods!!!!!11 And here we go again. I can’t get into MOCpages, but I’ll pass on Flickr for the time being. /sigh

  4. Andrew

    ^ LOL!

    As much as I appreciate the time and effort that BrickArms puts into designing and producing their accessories, as well as the resulting quality, you’re right that there’s a whole subculture of younger LEGO fans on Flickr who mainly seem to crawl all over each other’s (and my) photostreams asking to trade BrickArms items. They don’t build, they just trade. FWIW, a firm “No” sends them packing fairly quickly… :)

  5. the enigma that is badger

    As someone who’s interacted with said younger folks extensively, they are, for the most part, good kids who are just a bit too enthusiastic and don’t entirely appreciate how grating such behavior can be to older folks like ourselves. I’ve explained to more than a few the nature of such requests, and once they realized the inappropriateness of it, they stopped.

    Like Andrew said, a firm, polite “No” seems to get the point across quite well in the vast majority of cases.

  6. Will Thomas

    Andrew: But they’ll bug you forever if they think you have prototypes. For that reason alone, I’m glad I don’t have any Brickarms.

    Badger: Enthusiastic is one way of putting it. And I guess your point got across, because now they think doing it in a sarcastic manner is funny and cool. As one former MOCpager said: o, teh horra.

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