Reasonably Clever Handtruck Building Challenge ’09! [w00t!]

Chris Doyle over at Reasonably Clever has just announced the “Handtruck Building Challenge ’09.”

Your mission, should you choose to accept it: Incorporate as many LEGO handtrucks into a LEGO creation as you can. The deadline is March 13, 2009, so get building!

Check out Reasonably Clever for complete details.

7 comments on “Reasonably Clever Handtruck Building Challenge ’09! [w00t!]

  1. Puddleglum

    I think it’s safe to say that the guy on Bricklink with 714 handcarts at $0.30 a piece is going to be happy about this contest. ;-)

  2. Nolnet

    I stood in front of a bin full of those carts, at the Pick-a-Brick shelf in a LEGO store a few months ago. Wondering, what the hell one should do with so many handtrucks. Duh.

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