Willys MB Jeep Ambulance

David Luna has outfitted his medics with a jeep modified to carry stretchers. I hadn’t ever seen one of these before, they really did exist!

He’s done an excellent job on this recreation. I’m really liking how he used the all-purpose BrickArms monopods on the stretcher racks.

Here is another picture, with stretchers in place:

5 comments on “Willys MB Jeep Ambulance

  1. The Ranger of Awesomeness

    “It’d be good to see this done without the clone parts, too.” As a spokesperson of Brickarms of sorts, I must correct you. Brickarms is not in fact a clone brand, but a company which produces accessories to compliment LEGO products. Brickarms is one of many companies that produces accessories that go well with TLG products, but it is heralded by many (myself included) as the best. Will Chapman works hard to design and produce his accessories, and it shows. I, for one, am happy to include and showcase Brickarms accessories in my MOCs.

    And yes, this is mine. Way to go, me! XD


  2. Legeaux

    Sorry, I should have said it would be good to see it done in pure LEGO parts.

    I acknowledge the work and effort that goes into producing ‘accessories to compliment LEGO products’, and certainly many fans have embraced the supplemental elements produced by true community members in order to complement the excellent range offered by LEGO. I’m just one of those that prefers to (for the moment, anyway) to stick to the range offered by LEGO.

  3. A Most Serious AFOL

    “…a company which produces accessories to compliment LEGO products.”

    I believe Mega Bloks use a pretty similar rationalisation.

  4. The Ranger of Awesomeness

    “‘…a company which produces accessories to compliment LEGO products.’

    I believe Mega Bloks use a pretty similar rationalisation.”

    Yes, but Brickarms does not produce building blocks and sets. They produce weapons and accessories, along with custom minifigures to showcase said weapons and accessories. Will Chapman is a lifelong FOL (and MEGAblox hater), and produces high quality accessories that mesh perfectly with the LEGO world. I’m pretty sure all of the bloggers here on TBB can attest to that. If you don’t believe me, check out the website: http://www.brickarms.com/About.aspx

    Anyway, enough with my ramblings of Brickarms praise! :)


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