Bye bye BV 2009

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Shannon Sproule (Ocean) has posted the first set of pictures from Brickvention 2009 in Melbourne. They’re big pics but you can see we had fun. My camera is awful outside of macro mode and my skills are similar so I’m considering Shannon the official TBB photographer. I’ll try to add some more links from other people here as I see them but I’m still on holidays for a while so… time will tell.

On a personal note I’d like to thanks everyone for making it so much fun and say a big hi to all the people I finally met in real life. Top notch bunch of blokes and sheilas.

More pics

3 comments on “Bye bye BV 2009

  1. Maron

    I just came back, and it was pretty awesome. I loved the eiffel tower and all the lifts in it! Well done to all those who participated and helped :) .

  2. :Bob:

    Nice pics of some really neat looking MOCs! Seems like there was a lot to see. I sure wish I could have been there in person – looks like everyone had tons of fun based on those smiles in the group photo!

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