Perhaps I’m easily amused

LEGO Dingbats Font

But this minifig-based dingbats font is hilarious. Our younger readers may want to avoid looking at X.

11 comments on “Perhaps I’m easily amused

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  3. EJ

    ^to be fair, the cop did just arrest the dude in J. The cop clearly didn’t practice much officer safety here- he should have been more aware of his surroundings. Too bad for him the handcuff pieces are a fairly new item…

  4. Leigh Holcombe

    Lego geometry makes it difficult to accurately show a minifig giving another minifig the Heimlich maneuver. But I’m almost positive that’s what is going on in X. You perverts.

  5. Tananavalley

    This is not an alphabet, these are dingbats.

    “A dingbat is an ornament, character or spacer used in typesetting, sometimes more formally known as a “printer’s ornament” or “printer’s character”. The term supposedly originated as onomatopoeia in old style metal-type print shops, where extra space around text or illustrations would be filled by dinging an ornament into the space then bating tight to be ready for inking.” -Wikipedia

    They would be great for spicing up your next essay at school.

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