Your Leftovers hate you too

Nolnet has tapped into the universal angst surrounding leftovers. Little did you know that they feel it too…

That fridge is incredible. Why don’t I ever think of things like this?

UPDATE (AB): Moritz has added instructions for his great little refrigerator:

16 comments on “Your Leftovers hate you too

  1. marck_203

    Totally lovin the fridge, need ta build it too….can you tell me the element number for the 2x4x2/3 hollow slope, can’t find it with any of my searches…appreciate it.


  2. Nolnet

    @ marck, the element number at bricklink is 61068. It’s in a couple of 2008 sets, 7726 Coast Guard Truck being the least expensive one.

    @ everyone, thanks a lot for the nice comments.

    @ Mister Zumbi: Dzięki! I wouldn’t mind seeing this in one of the next Café Corners ;-) It’s pretty illegal though…

  3. marck_203

    Cheers for the info, have just bought them from Bricklink, every mini-fig in my wee Lego city will soon be the proud owner of their very own FRIDGE!!! :)

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