Minifig anatomy t-shirt at Zazzle

Remember our post about the anatomy of a minifig? Now you can buy the t-shirt for $25 at Zazzle.

10 comments on “Minifig anatomy t-shirt at Zazzle

  1. Antihero

    I buy a lot of shirts from Threadless so I kinda agree that this is over priced. I showed my girlfriend and she convinced me to get one based on the fact that she payed for half. lol

  2. Jsn

    Im pretty sure with zazzle you can choose the shirt you get the image placed on. You dont have to get this particular shirt, you can pick a cheaper one and bring the price down to like $17…
    Correct me if im wrong…

  3. Jsn

    Yes, you can pick the shirt you want. The one in the image just happens to be a pricier one. I put together a similar setup with another shirt and had it at $18

  4. Andrew

    ^ Thanks for the update. I’m not surprised. We certainly thought this was wicked awesome, but the LEGO minifig is trademarked, and they’re pretty protective of it.

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