Hundreds of the best LEGO creations on Flickr — all in one place

Simply put, we didn’t blog everything that deserved to be blogged in 2008. In some cases, time just got away from us before we gave a major event like Brick Fan Town the full write-up it deserved (though the Visual Tour is still well worth a look). In other cases, we just missed an amazing LEGO creation completely.

“Reflection” by birdboykristian.

As I tried to write a post about the “Best LEGO creations of 2008 we really should’ve blogged,” I got invited to the LEGO – Top rating images group on Flickr.

“Super Electric Robot Team” by Peter Reid.

The group pulls together the three most-favorited photo from each member, ranging from amazing photos with hundreds of faves to hidden gems with just a few. An interesting way to view this group pool is to sort all of the photos by, well, “interestingness.”

“The War Wagon” by Fedde.

A site called Flickriver lets you flip through sets of photos by recency, randomly, or by how “interesting” they are. Scrolling down the Flickriver page for “LEGO – Top rating images” is like looking through a Greatest Hits selection from the last few years. I’m proud to say we’ve featured nearly all of the top photos from that group, but I loved seeing new things alongside all my old favorites.

Meatpunk “Grillbot” by Ryan “Moniker Pedant” Wood.

So, take some time and check out the LEGO – Top rating images group. You just might find a few new favorites yourself.

15 comments on “Hundreds of the best LEGO creations on Flickr — all in one place

  1. Fred

    I kept getting to the bottom of the page and it loaded more more more. There goes a day at work… I can just see it coming.

  2. Zach C.

    Those are all very clever. I especially like the way Kristian made the mirrored look with two minifigures.

    Oh, and I think you spelled Ryan’s name wrong.

  3. Dr. X

    Great idea for a pool. I’ve already spent a long while browsing all the stuff in there and added my own three. Funfunfun.

    I wonder when the day will be when my own building skills advance far enough for my creations to be blogworthy.

  4. Xiazeran

    Crazy stuff like meatpunk and that clown tank featured here a while ago.. is what really makes this worthwhile. Just to see what a mad imagination can create with some plastic.. the techniques used, it’s just great to be a part of this nonsense! (all the more to see it as well!)

  5. Andrew Post author

    @Dr. X: Your last few builds have all been really great. You just happened to post them when we had a ton of other stuff backlogged. :( Keep building, and I’m 100% confident we’ll highlight one (or many) of your MOCs very soon.

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