Casual camping

William Wards Shasta Cavavan

Bill Ward has made a very cool compact caravan. It’s based on a Shasta Teardrop Travel Trailer. While the doors are a little hard to find I suspect most of us could whip up a little variant of this to show off in a display.

EDIT We liked this one so much that Andrew blogged it too:

Details like the vent on the roof and Bill’s choice of the old-style door are excellent. The trailer is being pulled by the SUV from 7635 4WD with Horse Trailericon.

16 comments on “Casual camping

  1. Erik Smit

    You’re not seriously saying that those doors are rare, are you? I have about 200 lying around a I think…

    Great caravan, though. Somehow they only MOC I ever used one of those doors for also was a caravan….

  2. Bruce

    Coolness. I think we had that camper when I was a kid (or at least one very much like it). The only thing I dislike about the MOC is that little gray 1×3 plate. I see the little wing on the source material he’s trying to get, but it doesn’t really work, IMO. The rest, though–the shape, the propane cannister, the vent–is perfect.


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  4. Bill Ward

    I agree somewhat about the 1×3 plate… I just couldn’t come up with any better way to express the fins on the prototype. Ideally there would be a triangular or trapezoidal piece to put there, but as it’s one of the distinguishing features of the Shasta I couldn’t just leave it out.

    Thanks for all the great comments! I’ll be making the LDraw file of this soon…

  5. Rafael

    The trailer looks amazing… But has anyone else noticed that one of the minifigs of the trailer resembles Chuck Norris? (…)

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