LEGO wants to hear from you!

Steve Witt, the LEGO Community Relations Coordinator, would like the adult LEGO fans to participate in a short survey, please take about 3 minutes to answer a few questions that’ll help improve our favorite building toy:

As Adult Fans of LEGO, you bring an important perspective to the LEGO Group. We respect your creativity and passion for our brand. Please take a few moments to complete this short online survey to let us know your opinion on how we are doing. We promise to listen to you and use your feedback to improve!

You might notice that the link refers to the LEGO Kids Inner Circle; this is because Satmetrix, which hosts that site, is also supporting our efforts to track AFOL opinions. Rest assured that this survey is for AFOL’s only.

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  1. JimmytheJ

    yays, I’m ok for the poll.

    Colour issues, Price (always haggle for more bricks, lol) and pick-a-brick were among my concerns.

    And I posted flickr as being my fave lego networking type site thingy.

  2. Andrew

    Thanks for finding the correct URL, David! I figured out that “source=brothersbrick” works, so I updated Nannan’s link and edited your comment to reflect that people are clicking through from here. :)

  3. enigma that is badger

    In terms of places for improvement, I went with increased PAB selection and AFOL-interest sets on SAH. While I do love the community resource of Bricklink, being able to directly purchase parts (particularly minifig components) that almost always command higher prices on Bricklink from TLG via SAH has been a boon to army builders such as myself.
    Considering how great the Medieval Village looks, I’m all for more AFOL-bait on SAH.

  4. David4

    I think if you are over 16 you are fine, they ask your age anyways.

    And good Andrew, I stole the link from Brickset, they have to be good for something. lol

  5. Alan R

    Yeah, there definitely needs to be a TFOL classification. But, I think we’re probably mostly underground, seeing as “fitting in” is supposedly important as a teenager, and LEGO really isn’t very common (outwardly at least, I’d like to think that secretly everybody goes home and plays with lego, or wishes they could).

    And, for the lack of said classification, I’ll legally be an adult in approximately 8 months, so I’m fine being in limbo for that period of time.

  6. David4

    Alan you are 100% correct. There are loads of LEGO fans up to the age of at least 15ish and are hiding in the closet.

    I know several people who used LEGOs in high school projects, including one group that made a LEGO movie. Ape Lincoln was played by Yoda. :)

  7. Lich Barrister

    Anyone else throw down some love for their local independent stores (if you have any) that carry LEGO and sell it for reasonable prices? I mentioned hope that such shops could access exclusives that _aren’t_ available in an area or region (e.g., Target exclusives don’t show up in Canada, do they?).

    [I know, I know – some may be unfortunate enough to not have an indie shop with reasonable prices. If you have one, show it some love! And I don’t own one, am not related to people who own one – it’s just good to support people who support us.]

    Thanks for the survey link!

  8. Will Will

    Nice! Thanks for the heads up. It’s nice to give some feedback from time to time. That’s why I keep coming back here time and again! Cheers!

  9. mo55

    I’m all for more Ultimate Collector’s Series sets; but as for what they should be I think that there should be more town sets like Green Grocer(10185) and Market Street(10190) and the upcoming castle town square set. I think what most of us that are afol’s want are more intricate Lego sets with more pieces. Let’s face it though sets like the Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon (10179) are just to expensive for the average afol but that’s not to say that most of us don’t own it; I mean it’s the millenium falcon! Let’s see a police station in the form of sets like Green Grocer or a fire house. I’m just saying that lego keep the designer sets going.

    I also want to see the pick a brick database growing. I hated that Lego discontinued the Exo-force line and if that decision is final the I wish the would add the theme to the Lego designer and pick a brick database. A side note but I think Exo- force would hve done slot better if the mech sets that were roughly $20 were just more thought out like the first series sets and maybe take it a step further and make them $30-$40 sets with a more intricate design.

    Keep it going brohers brick you were my number 1 pick for Lego site and resource. Hopefully for Christmas I get a good digital camera so I can start uploading them.

    Ps. UCS’s and designer sets the Taj Mahal are obviously afol inspired sets and Lego clasifies them as sets for people who are 16 . In my mind that includes this survey calls for your opinion too. Just my opinion being 25. I mean let’s not exclude anyone especially if we’re going to take over the world?! Brickarms army for life!

  10. Steve B

    As a Canadian, I felt obliged to use this as an opportunity be heard on the unfair pricing issue. I urge other Canadians to do the same. The dollar difference between the USA and Canada does not justify the LEGO price differences. I know we Canadians still have it a lot easier than a lot of other countries which may have huge geographical and economic hurdles that cause the pricing differences. Still, being close neighbours (yes with a U!) with the USA makes it feel like a slap in the face.

    @Lich Barrister: I would have LOVED to give props to my local stores, but I haven’t bought anything from them in years for exactly this reason. LEGO’s unfair pricing is screwing them too. Also, I have seen many Target exclusives on the shelf in Zeller’s – an equivalent Canadian budget superstore.

  11. David4

    I think after the 2009 sets come out that Canada and Europe will shut the hell up with their pricing, more so Europe.

    Considering the pricing of the 2009 sets in the USA has gone up at least 25% from what I have seen I think that sudden of an increase is insane.

    And little kids are filling the form out, so if you are 15 or something who cares, LEGO really can’t get a good sample of adults, it’s impossible.

  12. aussieblockhead

    RE: Steve B (disparity of pricing USA to CAN)
    I’m right there with you Steve (on the issue that is – not geographically)
    Even with postage and the exchange rate – it is sometimes cheaper to buy some sets from America and have them shipped (at ridiculously high shipping rates) to Australia. (and thats on eBay too!)
    But it is not just the difference in pricing that bugs me. It’s the difference in availability. Some sets are not available to Australia from S@H. Why? Surely the whole point of S@H and the internet is that there are no longer geographical constraints to sales?

  13. Gylman

    I did the survey. To me the main desire was more complex sets for AFOLs. I also have been unhappy with the quality of the Technic sets. They do not compare to what we were getting 10-15 years ago in terms of cleverness or innovative mechanisms.

    Re: the discussion above, I am in Canada and also have been frustrated by the Canadian pricing of LEGO in the past couple of years. For that reason I have more or less stopped buying on S@H or TRU unless there are major sales.

    I still buy sets, but more on eBay, and I trade with friends, and overall I am far more selective. Once you get it in your head that you no longer go into TRU “just to look”, the overall opportunity and impetus for impulse buying is way down. So, although there are just as many good sets this year as last, my overall purchases are WAY down.

    It’s not really bad thing for me…. but it has been for the amount of money TLC has gotten from me in the past year.

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