Got style

Fabrice Pathier (Four H) from Vimeo made an ultra snazzy fashion show clip featuring designs by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac displayed on LEGO minifigs. I have not seen smoother LEGO animation than this; it’s truely top notch work.

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  1. yokomode01

    umm, it’s not actually a “LEGO animation” (except, perhaps in a ‘literal’ sense),
    guess that is why it is so ‘smooth’ and does not display the characteristics found in a ‘stop motion’ techniques that are used to animate Lego minifigs traditionally.

  2. Ramone

    Agree w5th Starwars4, CGI IS a form of animation. There’s no such thing as “LEGO animation” except that it’s animation featuring LEGO products. The form it takes is totally up to the animator.

    That said, this was great fun!

  3. Maron

    As everyone sai,d it’s so smooth because it’s CGI, but tat wont detract fomr the fact that it was awesome! I loved all the clothes, and thye way they were adapeted to fig size. If it were a bit more LEGOee, i’d like it (ie, studs on the floor, etc).

  4. Dr. X

    I agree, this is VERY smooth. I liked that one with the bubble helmet. And they all have a tatoo over their right eye… did anyone notice that?

  5. SavaTheAggie

    I kept hoping there was going to be some James Bond/Zoolander moment with the camera zooming in on those particular minifigs in the audience, with someone’s devious plot spoiled by a secret agent.

    But aside form that it’s an excellent video with a flawless execution.

  6. Xiazeran

    Very smooth! If only the LEGO games could look this good! ha ha. Vimeo really captured the pretentious air of fasion models well! And I thought such was impossible with minifigs, but this is CGI!

  7. Eggy

    This is a great animation, although terrible reprentation of lego in general. If you’re going to distort the Lego concept so much, why even bother IMHO.

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