Upcoming Downtime for Brothers-Brick.com

With regular link love from Gizmodo, StumbleUpon, Digg, and other popular sites, The Brothers Brick is now pushing a million page views a month, so the time has come for another upgrade.

Please expect some downtime over the next day or two while we migrate from one server to another. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

In the meantime, don’t forget about all the other great LEGO blogs in the navigation bar on the right, as well as my recommendations for the 10 (other) LEGO blogs you really should be reading.

UPDATE: We’re still waiting for access to the new server, so back to our regularly scheduled LEGO programming for the moment. ;-)

11 comments on “Upcoming Downtime for Brothers-Brick.com

  1. Tananavalley

    This is simply not acceptable. I need access to this website at all times. You need to hire as many people it takes to do the changeover in the middle of the night while I’m asleep so I’m not inconvenienced. I can already hear it now “but this site is provided for free!” Well boohoo. I’m now addicted to this site, and my needs are more important than your technical problems.

  2. googoo gaga the great

    hi, im new to brothers-brick. but iv been a member of MOCpages for a good long time. i suggest u click on my name to veiw my MOCs. i mainly build BIONICLES and Buildings… but my other mocs r not as good. im glad too see brothers-brick has become popular now!

  3. obxcrew

    I’m not coming back, the fact of the matter is you guys suck. An upgrade? Lies! ALL LIES! Fire the laSER! Wait, what? Anyway, I know you all will be lying on some beach somewhere, using an “upgrade” as an excuse. Have a nice life, and don’t bother with blogging any of my MOCs anymore.


  4. Peter (not the same Peter, another one)

    Well, that’s great news! Not the downtime, but the new server.

    Ever since I first came here, I came back everyday, so I’m really glad to see the blog’s going strong, I hope you guys get even more popular!

  5. Dave Kaufman - Techlife

    Only open to staff of The Brother’s Brick and their families, we the fans, expect a Lego vignette or diorama of the upgrade to the new server.

    Judging will be readership based and multiple are accepted and encouraged. Please tag your entries with “Brother’s Brick Server Upgrade 2008” so we know where to look for them.

    Winners will be posted here to celebrate the new server and drive more traffic. Prizes include: more traffic, and yet even more traffic.

    Enter today.

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