Lucy joins our LEGO family

Those of you subscribed to my Flickr photostream probably saw that we’d found a stray named Sampson last week. Although Sampson’s story ended well (his owner picked him up on Wednesday), it made my wife and I aware of the dire situation many pets are in right now due to the economy.

Following a whirlwind of activity — partially explaining my sudden absence over this past week — Lucy has come to stay with us for a trial period. Naturally, one of the important stages is getting to know her surroundings:

Lucy is a 2-year-old Pekingese/dachshund mix rescued from a puppy mill by Ginger’s Pet Rescue.

I normally prefer to keep my “real life” outside this blog, but this picture of Lucy curled up in my LEGO was just begging to be shared.

14 comments on “Lucy joins our LEGO family

  1. Peter

    Hmm, indoor pets and lego don’t bode well with me. Something about hair in boxes and using my teeth to separate pieces…each to their own i suppose.

  2. Peter (not the same Peter, another one)

    Hehe, she’s just like a dog we had a couple years ago, he was my mom’s and his name was Iollipop (I didn’t name it, if I had he’d be named… Merciless Destroyer!)

    Still, nowadays we got two Coronet guinea pigs, the spiky furred ones, Chewbacca and Heather. They leave so much fur around the house it takes forever just to clean it all up, so I usually keep them away from my lego.

  3. SavaTheAggie

    What a strange combination of breeds… cute though. Congrats on the new addition to your family!

  4. Dave & Stacy

    Congratulations on the new addition! What a cutie. :-) We brought our Beagle, Allie, to Brickworld 2008 and she had a great time…or at least I think she did. She’s not much of a ‘shedder’ and she seems to have no interest in eating LEGO. The only drawback to having her around when I am building is that she has this habit of inadvertently smashing stuff with her tail. :-)

  5. H Russell

    It’s nice to rescue dogs, we have a terrier-dachshund cross called Gina whose first owners emigrated, and second owners ditched her because she is ever so slightly mental.

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