Fortress in the forest

Daniel Z presents the hidden fortress of an outlaw tucked in the depths of the forest. But the lurking evil is soon to be uprooted as two scouts have discovered the villain’s hideout. What will happen next?

4 comments on “Fortress in the forest

  1. Peter

    Man, this is one nice scene! The landacaping, the Stone Wall, the Wooden Wall, the guard tower, the rocks, the trees everything here is just win!

  2. Natman (Bonzy)

    I am really digging those trees- they’re just so varied! The palm-pine to the ground shrub tree- I love them all!

  3. Euphreana

    Awesome! I just love the spiked palisade and the guard at the gate’s shield! (And that’s one scary-looking kitty down on the right. . .)

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