Portal 0937 interviews Michael Jasper

Michael Jasper is easily one of my favorite builders. His many minuscule creations simultaneously inspire and annoy. (“Genius! So simple! Why didn’t I think of that?!”)

Portuguese LEGO fan community Portal 0937 has posted a great interview with the artist many LEGO fans know mainly by his Brickshelf user name — “mijasper“.

LEGO elements, in particular those small and special ones, can be used in many ways – you just have to look at them as what they could be.

Head on over to Portal 0937 to read the full interview with Michael Jasper.

(Via LegOficina dos Baixinhos.)

2 comments on “Portal 0937 interviews Michael Jasper

  1. kris kelvin

    His sir Francis Drake is the best minifig of all times :).
    But I`m younger than him so I have about 20 years to match him in his crestions ;)

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