Living in a tree with Tânia

One of my favorite contests every year (though I have yet to enter myself) is the Classic-Castle Mini-Castle Contest, full of teeny tiny medieval towns and, well, lots of castles, of course. ;)

The “Living Tree” by Tânia Baixinhos reminds me of something from a Miyazaki movie or a Final Fantasy game:

Check out the Brickshelf gallery for details like the lake, fields, villagers, and all the little houses in the branches of the tree.

9 comments on “Living in a tree with Tânia

  1. Tânia

    Obrigada ;)
    Thanks to all.
    This MOC is a great hideout to relax. I feel like a small girl and I really want to go and live there, I wish I could.

    Maybe I can develop this in to a microscale display, who knows?

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  3. Nick

    one of the greatest MOC’s i have ever seen, i love every detail you have put into this, just great, the time it must of taken!, and i also am falling in love with micro scale thanks to work like this!

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