More BrickArms Prototypes: Longsword, Rapier, Paintball Marker and More! [Preview]

Here is our final installment of the incredible prototypes that we drooled over at BrickCon.

Being primarily a Castle fan, I was most excited by the Long Sword and Rapier:

Another historical weapon that should be popular with the Pirate fans is the bayonet, attached via an extremely versatile U-clip:

I also fell in love with the Sawed-Off Shotgun and the miniscule Derringer:

I know Andrew has already shown off the Derringer. But it’s so darn cute, I had to do it again!

Last, but not least, is another weapon that is close to my heart. The long-awaited Paintbal Marker:

5 comments on “More BrickArms Prototypes: Longsword, Rapier, Paintball Marker and More! [Preview]

  1. enigma that is badger

    Thanks for the great review! A few notes:

    – That’s an earlier version of the BA Longsword. There are two later, much more polished versions, the V2 (“The Damien”) and the V3 (“The Longsword”). Will has yet to finalize the design, and there is a chance more than one version of the sword will be released.

    – The Rapier in the above shot is also an earlier version. Notice the blade is actually a pole that comes to a point. While that design does make for a great foil, a later version of this prototype featured more of a traditional blade.

    – While the Bayonet is the final version, the U-Clip that’s connecting it to the TLG musket is actually a much thinner variant. Unfortunately, that type of U-Clip does not grip tightly enough to accessories. However, the thicker version of the U-Clip grips very tightly, at least as strongly as the typical minifig hand.

    More shots of these and other BrickArms prototypes can be seen here:

    Thanks again!


  2. Peter

    Cool! I’ll get me 10 of those longswords as soon as possible. Are they one handed or two handed size? Man, I hope they’re one handed!

  3. Exxos

    The rapier and longsword are in the wrong minifigs’ hands!

    I am Lego Montoya! You used my father in a space vignette when he was castle themed – prepare to die!

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