Luís and the Argonauts

Note the splashing water around the oars in this lovely little microscale rendition of the legendary Greek ship Argo by Luís Baixinho:

Don’t miss the behind-the-scenes coverage on Luís’s blog.

And now for something completely different — a human cannonball (also by Luís, of course):

10 comments on “Luís and the Argonauts

  1. aussiechef67

    “Note the splashing water around the oars”
    I’m more impressed with the wave effect. There is something so accurate about the way the waves scroll across the water. Just brilliant!

  2. Bill Ward

    I just wish the pics were on Flickr rather than Brickshelf so I could make notes there. The ship is pretty cool, but I was really impressed by the cannonball. The model really captures the action and movement, with the smoke, the minifig on a transparent bar, and the expression on his face. Then, the monkey with the match cavorting on the other end of the cannon makes it perfect.

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