10 (other) LEGO blogs you really should be reading [Editorial]

As several of us spend more time away from the computer getting ready for BrickCon in less than two weeks, the creations we don’t blog begin to stack up. But remember, The Brothers Brick is not the only LEGO blog on the net!

I believe the LEGO blogosphere is better when there are lots of us out there highlighting our favorite LEGO creations and linking to each other. For those of you who are readers, though, all those links in our side bar probably look pretty overwhelming. Where to start?

Here are just a few of my favorite LEGO blogs:

  • Klocki: Marcin “Hippotam” Danielak leads my favorite LEGO blog, available in three languages — Polish, English, and Portuguese. If it’s not on The Brothers Brick, it’ll be on Klocki.
  • Young Spacers Association Blog: This blog excels by breaking many of my silly “rules.” Their irreverence makes reading YSAB a genuine pleasure.
  • VignetteBricks, MicroBricks, and MinilandBricks: Where some bloggers do one thing and do it well (or not), Bruce does three things well, highlighting the best vignettes, microscale, and miniland creations.
  • LegostyleLog: The only personal blog to show up on my list, Izzo’s blog is worth reading because we just can’t blog everything this prolific Japanese builder creates.
  • Brick Town Talk: LEGO Town creations deserve more exposure, and Brick Town Talk does just that by highlighting all of the fantastic buildings inspired by Cafe Corner.
  • BioniBlog: When there’s a great Bionicle creation to be blogged, it’s sure to find its way to BioniBlog. We just wish Ean had more to blog…
  • TechnicBRICKs: The Brothers Brick focuses mainly on SYSTEM creations, so Technic creations sometimes fall through the cracks. Read TechnicBRICKS to find out what you’re missing from all the talented Technic builders out there.
  • The NXT STEP: Kid-friendly and educationally focused, The NXT STEP brings together the best LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT creations and news from around the Web. With a contributor list longer than some blog’s blogrolls, there’s always something new to see and learn on The NXT STEP.

So, readers, what’s your favorite LEGO blog, and why?

20 comments on “10 (other) LEGO blogs you really should be reading [Editorial]

  1. Roger

    Thanks for showing off Brick Town Talk, we actually have been kind of lazy to make new posts, but it is just because either Richard has work to do since school is starting or because I have work to do BECAUSE SCHOOL IS STARTING!



  2. Will

    Ah, good old Murphy’s Law. I’ll check out Klocki tomorrow, don’t worry. Meanwhile, what about LAML? #11?

  3. Andrew Post author

    @Hippotam: Aw, that sucks! It’s happened to us, too — Gizmodo or somesuch links to us the very same day we have major server issues. :(

    @Will: LAML Radio is a podcast, not a blog. ;)

  4. James

    Well Andrew if LAMLradio doesn’t make it onto this list I eagerly await the “Podcasts you should listen to” post! ;)

    Joking, just joking…

  5. Fernando Correia (Conchas)

    Thanks Andrew for highlighting the TechnicBRICKs.
    You have been a great support!

    It is an incentive for finding the time, to increase the post rate which is actually bellow my wish.
    Have been a bit overloaded, lately…

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