Tower of Irk

Ever seen a SNOT castle? I haven’t until now. tiberium_blue from Flickr uses tiles turned sideways to create a new texture for the walls on his tower.

4 comments on “Tower of Irk

  1. Matt

    To bad the path is a jumbled mess, Because the rest is so beautiful. As it stands now, I can’t see the action because its camouflaged.

  2. Chris Edwards

    Agreed. Make the path one or two colors and maybe make the flower colors less random too, and that half of the moc will live up to the awesomeness of the other half better.

  3. Von Goyle

    The technique is too well used. I can’t look at it and not be distracted by the thoughts of what I’m going to go build with it .
    I haven’t tried it before.

  4. Von Goyle

    Now, is there enough room on the inside to bother with a stairway? Or would it be difficult to make a version that opens in the back, probably just make an edge a mess doing it though.. Anyone?

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