Most disturbing fig ever?

Maybe not, but its close. I can’t stop looking at this fig by Lord Scuba, its so scary…

28 comments on “Most disturbing fig ever?

  1. alldarker

    Holy … ! THE EYES, THE EYES! That is one nasty minifig.
    You may kiss the bride… I don’t think so.

  2. Callum (ScubaCJ)

    Lol! Maybe… AlienCat from CC says it looks like Mick Jagger…

    I had to take it apart right after I took the pics, because it kept making me feel sick :P

  3. David

    Strong chin, aggressive stare, the brows… yep that is definitely Brooke Shields. (I mean that in the nicest way possible, I enjoy her as an actress).

  4. Tyelle

    “Me Tammy. You take flowers!”

    “ummMmm….uh…no…I’m okay…you keep’em”



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