Welcome to the Gronlif’s Magic Forest!

Johannes “Jojo” Koehler just finished uploading the rest of his pictures of his incredible Magic Forest. Its definitely been worth the wait. Go check it out. Now!

Check out Jojo’s Flickr account as well.

9 comments on “Welcome to the Gronlif’s Magic Forest!

  1. J. R. Schwartz

    What makes this MOC so great is the fact that there are so many trees. Creates a realistic landscape.

  2. VarietyAlleyCat

    Ingenious use of antennas as mushrooms and a piston head as pail for the water well. Very nice! (one very picky comment though… wasn’t the medicine cabinet a little out of place? please do not shoot me… )

  3. Mainman

    This thing’s got so many brilliant little details it makes my head spin. Does Jojo have a flickr account, ’cause I totally need to fave this!

  4. Josh Post author

    @VarietyAlleyCat – Its supposed to be out of place. ;) Jojo puts a number of things like that in each of his wizard’s homes.

    @Mainman – Jojo does have a Flickr account. Enjoy!

  5. Josh Post author

    @Tyelle – Yes, I would have to say those are Smurfs. :) Thanks for pointing those out, as I missed them.

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