First pictures of 2009 LEGO sets [News]

UPDATE: Full coverage of 2009 LEGO sets

Enough with the speculation; Brickshelf user lokosuperfluoLEGOman has images of some of the 2009 sets scanned from a Spanish LEGO catalog. Indeed, Pirates are making a comeback and City does go to farm (and even cows are included)!

EDIT: pictures refound in Majhost user M-longer’s gallery.

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  1. theestampede

    Can’t really tell what the hull looks like, but molded cannons are back! Also I like the captain, also new soldiers! ahhhh, this looks pretty goood

  2. Jim

    It’s nice to see pirates again. I really like the farm theme, though – there are many vehicles, buildings, and scenes to explore in that category.

  3. David

    I think the Pirates are awesome! I’m disappointed with the farm. I was hoping for a red barn and a house, and the harvester is HUGE! But I have waited 15 years for LEGO Farm and I’m just happy it’s a start.

    I’m also happy there is no Hospital sets, time for change is now.

  4. Morgan19

    Again, wow. Those constructions machines are huge and yellow. Absolutely loooooove the black SUV (?) and horse trailer. Pirate sets look fantastic and are a good crossover between classic and new.

    Interesting about the cannons… It just occurred to me that they first put out firing cannons years ago, then made them non-firing, then came out with the pervasive rubber shooters, and are now back to firing cannons. Yay for safety flip-flops! ;)


  5. Scandell

    When comparing this new Pirate Ship to the old Black Sea Barracuda…I can’t help but wonder if Lego has strayed to close to Playmobile.

  6. Peter

    Man, I was hoping there’d be space shots. But the new construction vehicles look pretty sweet, if still a little too big.

  7. Timothy Ratner

    I love the new Pirates sets and their designs!
    I’ll try to get all of them!
    TLC sure knows how to stay true to old fans.

  8. Legohaulic

    I was really looking forward to the new pirates when I first heard about them but now that I’ve seen some of the sets, I’m rather disappointed. Sure there’s some new parts but the overall look is almost identical to the old pirate sets. I was hoping for something a bit different. :|

  9. Josh

    Yes, hooray for cows! Though their heads look more like Duplo. Oh, well. I really like the Pirate sets too. I’m not crazy about the new flame piece, but I like the parrot. That new fish piece also has some potential. Looking like a great year!

  10. D. Morrow

    Is that a firing cannon shown in the link? When I was in High School, I visited Europe and saw that they had firing cannons long after they had been discontinued in the US.

    I managed to get 1 firing cannon in my first pirates set back in the ’80s, the second cannon I got was neutered by Lego so it couldn’t fire, and the last set with cannons were the one piece type. I “fixed” my neutered cannon by drilling a hole for a model rocket engine fuse and used a few match heads as gun powder. Ah, the memories.

  11. Kel

    EEEE! Pirate Wench! Awesome. Love the ship (mermaid!), wish the pirate building set was bigger, but there’s a lot to work with if buying a couple sets to embiggen it myself. I wonder what the “Pirate Gift Item 2/LEGO® Pirate Building Set” will be? And what the Shipwreck Island looks like? Odd that it’s not in the catalogue …

  12. Morgan19

    On second thought, that fish is connected via a droid hand… Can the current fish pieces do that?

  13. Logan

    I’m actually really excited about the parts that will come with the new Pirate sets. Considering that it has always been my favorite theme, it’ll come in handy when trying to spend months creating the smallest MOC. But fun stuff nonetheless.

  14. Ryan (DeMartinet)


  15. Riley Hunter

    Yikes! Between the farm equiptment and the construction equiptment I’m gonna be broke! :)

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  17. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    @Spaz115: You’re right; I noticed that after I calmed down. I did notice some golden epaulettes, though…

  18. Hoang

    Awesome pictures! I can’t believe after day I asked for pictures from the previous post and some of them are appearing on the internet. Super excited with the Farm Theme & Construction, never been a crazy Fan of pirates but we’ll see how that’ll do. LEGO4EVER!!!

  19. Ian Hill

    Man. Ever since I prayed that in 2005 vikings would come out, the LEGO company has been LOVING me.

  20. Fred

    more must be to come… last page in the set is not continued. loving the new parts in inside the steam roller wheel, the crane boom, etc etc etc!

  21. Octopunk

    33 comments and nobody’s drooling over that dark red octopus yet? I am THERE.

    Although I have to admit it’s not really a “pulpo gigante.”

  22. nolnet

    @ Octopunk: You’re right. Reading “attack of the giant kraken” I imagined something more Pirates-Of-The-Carribean-ish, like huge tentacles clutching at the big pirate ship or something…

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  24. Greg

    With the coming of Kraken Attackin’, I predict a new wave of Lovecraftian MOCs with plenty of red Cthulhus (Cthulhi?).

  25. Col-Brik

    Farm, very nice. The 2009 season will be a expensive one.

    Pirates, I am glad to see back for the fans of those. City sets are also very nice. Very large also, they may also make it a expensive season.

  26. David

    I was hoping that there would be mermaids and shark people in it, just to add a little fantasy and add a little something new for the new decade and such.

  27. Andrés

    Im a big fan of lego, but I live in Colombia and here it is very difficult to get nice sets, and the existing ones are really expensive. To tell the truth, even if I like a lot the sets of pirates and starwars, etc…, my real interest in lego are the arquitectural models, like my new (arriving in 2 weeks) taj mahal set. Wonder if someone of you guys can design and make elegible to shop sets like the big buildins in portrayed in shows, like neuschwanstein castle, or the structures I like the more, the victorian greenhouses like the ones in Laeken or kew, but no one has ever built one of those (at list there is not in internet)
    hopefully, Lego will make more architectural sets in 2009… or you guys…. give it a try…

  28. Mason Lindblad

    must get pirate sets….smart idea bringing them back…..and star wars… whats with the assassin droid battle pack? not gonna be a big seller. anyone know what the gunship-like vehicle is? Farm? Yes, awesome, need a break from city, time to move to the country. need chickens and pigs wit the cow though. And the construction sets are actually big!!! actually the size they are supposed to be! The IJ 1 and 2 scenes are interesting other than the plane appears to belong to the galactic republic!(cockpit markings) they should make more castle sets too and actaul castles, but not too big and expensive. and mata-nui will be a set? i knew it! but he will not be 500,000 ft tall like he s supposed to be.

  29. Kin

    All website with those pics had gone!

    Anyone can provide deeper link?

    I want to download it!

    the new Tiny Turbo Set is FANTASTIC!!

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  31. Sam

    OH COME ON! I still haven’t got all the ’08 sets that I want, and now this?! I only have so much money in my bank account!

  32. Andrew

    I already have all the pirate sets already exept for the ship, which I am very looking forward too. Also, there is a limited edition set I got. I am never going to tell you people where I got those and those imperial soldiers from the pirates are AWSOME! I got 10 of them! Also. the cannons do shoot out those cannonballs. One more sneakpeak: the minifigures are doublesided printed so that is awsome. I may get the ship later and tell you guys about it. Reccomended: get star wars sets in 2009 and pirates. those are all the good ones.

  33. Andrew

    Ok, I am back and also, I forgot one thing: the pirate sets are not cheap, but AWSOME. It brings old memories back because of the old pieces and the new ones. Also, I hadn’t opened the Limited Edition sets yet. Word of advice: Don’t get the bionacle sets! Also, hint, where I got the pirate sets is from Toys R Us. I think it is out of stock now well maybe.00

  34. Hepathos

    Damnit, MAJ is the same site az Brickshelf, just for different pictures! Could you uplaod somewhere else too?

  35. Robin

    Anyone heard of the Wind Power transporter, or the heli transporter? or know where I can get information and pictures? I need to know what I shold be saving money for :P

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