Possible 2009 LEGO sets [Rumor]

EDIT (AB): The Brothers Brick generally only posts confirmed news. Since this list has turned out to be at least partly speculation, I’m removing the list below (and I locked comments last night). If you’re really interested in seeing the rumor list, I’m sure you can find it if you dig deep enough on the ‘net. ;-) You can continue discussion of the confirmed sets in the First pictures of 2009 LEGO sets post.

Brickshelf user Whung is known for his early postings of upcoming set photos. At his blog, we think his name is William Hung from Hong Kong. Also on his blog was a recent posting of the possible 2009 LEGO sets (and I don’t know where he got the list)! Check out the interesting lineup of Star Wars that includes Tauntauns while Pirates make a comeback and City goes to farm!

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  1. Peter

    Wow. That is a lot of stuff. Ima hafta rob a bank or sumpin’ to keep up.

    I really want to know if that space news is true, though, as I’m sure every other Spacer does, as well. And Pirates? It’s like the greatest thing EVER!

  2. Mainman

    It’s a bit of an eye opener to see how many sets Lego produces in a given year. No wonder I can’t keep up.
    Here’s to Galaxy Patrol!

  3. Rocko

    If it’s accurate, it looks like a good year. About frickin time we got some tauntauns. I wish there was more castle info.

  4. Benjamin P.

    Well I was going to say that Lego needs to stop foolin’ us and stop confusing the little kiddies and call the SW “Clone Turbo Tank” the Juggernaut like it should be, but then I read the list of Bionicle and got really excited!!! Mata Nui!?!? And the rest of the names sound cool, even though I have no idea what CORE or SHP could mean.

    Space and Pirate stuff is going to rock as well!

    (Oh, and Lego should call a certain set the Juggernaut. And Dooku’s Solar Sailor will hopefully be a nifty set.)

  5. fallentomato

    “New Classic (Shanghai Chase)
    New -Movie (Fight on the Flying Wing)”
    These are certainly new Indiana Jones Sets, but hopefully there will be more than 2. Very excited about pirates, and galaxy patrol and system farm and more agents.

    “Mini saw blade/Stone Chopper
    Mini walker/Mine Mech”
    I’m curious as to what theme these sets are from. Almost sounds like rock raiders and while Lego seems to be bringing back some old themes next year, I highly doubt rock raiders is one of them? Maybe some more sets for the Castle Dwarves? They’ve only had 2. I know people have been saying next year’s castle is going to be elves, but maybe the Dwarves will finally get a full line. Short legs for everyone!

  6. teleri

    no exo-force… i was sure that thy would do more(a friend phoned up and asked)… :””'(””’
    well looks like loads of cool stuff!!! yay


  7. Morgan19

    Wow, going to be a fun year if the lineup’s remotely true. Republic Cruiser! Separatist Shuttle! Tauntauns! New Pirate line! Space Police! City Farm!

    Mmmm, tasty.


  8. MTGap

    I’m pretty sure that NXT MINDSTORMS 2.0 is a joke, that was posted on The NXT Step Blog back in April 2007 as a joke. I haven’t heard anything about it…

  9. David

    I don’t believe it because I don’t think the City sets are true. In 2009 there will be another hospital, they need to have fire, Coast Guard, Police or a Hospital every year. So a Farm (which I would love) before a hospital I don’t see as happening.

    Plus ending Mars Mission after only two years and replacing it with Space Police. The who thing seems like an AFOL’s wet dream.

  10. Brad

    Certainly agree with David on this one. I am withholding judgment pending some more official news… or at least pictures! The list is exciting, no doubt about it! But I’d rather not assume that it is true: assume the worse and be pleasantly surprised if things turn out better, I say.

  11. Riley Hunter

    I’m certainly not wanting to rain on anyone’s parade, but since it says ‘possible’ does that mean these are themes Lego is at the moment considering?

    That’s quite a bit of sets and though I have no idea how many they produce during the year, I wonder if it’s might be just a little early to be planning to place orders just yet. ;)

    On the other hand I’d love to add a farm theme to my slowly growing train set-up. :)

  12. Will Meitzler

    Aw, crap, now to buy NXT 2.0. Farm looks interesting, MATA NUI (And I’m not even a Bionicle fan anymore). The list looks fairly legit, the FLL 2009 set shows up and there was that thing on Amazon/Youtube about seeing Mata Nui in 2009. I’d like to see more variety in PF as it seems they’ll just sell all the parts in the current expansion set. WeDo has been on the Mindstorms users’ radar for a while (I think the NXT step broke that story), it’ll be an IR control tower with a USB input instead of IR and PF motion sensors. All said, this list looks legit and it’ll be a great year to get a job at the LEGO store as I hope/plan to do.

  13. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    Lessee… going down the list, the things that excite/intrigue me, with my speculations:
    *City Impulse 2009 (BBQ Stand) — Looks like TLC finally took a hint and stopped making simply rescue sets!
    *Vestas Product — Does this mean that it will actually be released to the general public in 2009? That would explain why the instructions are on the LEGO website.
    *New Classic (Shanghai Chase) — I had thought that this meant they were doing a “LEGO Legend” type thing with the old Ninja sets, but, as someone above me pointed out, it’s from Indy. I’ve never seen the movies… :)
    *Pirate New-Pirates (Kraken Attackin’) — PIRATES!! I was hoping that we could get them without the fantasy elements that have plagued space and castle lately. But hey, at least we have pirates!
    *Galaxy Patrol/Space Police? — Yay, MM was getting a little old. Sounds like a cross between Star Justice and Space Police; I hope it leans more towards the latter… If it is SP3, then who will the jailbirds be? BLACKTRON 3?
    *SpongeBob Squarepants — The sets sound like rewordings of the first two sets…
    *Star Wars™ Assassin Droids/Assassin Droids Battle Pack — I hope this means more readily available silver robot parts!
    *Racers Supercars 1, 2, and 3 — If this is anything like 8880, then I will be happy.
    *Racers Tiny Turbos 10 — Just how many of these will they make!?
    *IMPULSE 1/Atakus — I hope these are small Bionicles, and not Knights Kingdom 2-like Castle. Building armies was pointless with those; I prefer non-individualized knights.
    *Pirate Gift Item 2/LEGO® Pirate Building Set — YAY!
    *Bionicle CORE 12/Mata Nui — I think anyone who knows anything about the Bionicle storyline will know why this is special. As for the other Bionicle sets, it sounds as if they are running out of good names…
    *City? Farm & City? City Life — Wow, they really are taking a break from fire/police/rescue, aren’t they? I hope this means official Brickforge-like animals!
    *Mini saw blade/Stone Chopper & Mini walker/Mine Mech — A cross between Exo-Farce and Rock Raiders? Hmm…

  14. Athos

    Sounds like some good stuff in there.

    Farm? I missed that the first go ’round. Must have subconsciously added Duplo to that…

    TaunTauns set seems odd…

    Only 3 castle sets? That’s too bad.


  15. apple-pie

    awww i still cant wait for that technic rally truck thing. im already droooling……. (but if its like this years technic off-roader which had no AWD OR TRANSMISSION ill sue!!!)

  16. Sir Dano

    The naming of a possible Nascar Racers set is intruiging considering Flickr’s latest bandwagon.

  17. theestampede

    Where is Batman?

    Im gonna be very unhappy if there aren’t any more Batman sets, in fact Im gonna be quite pissed, sure, new Pirates will help soothe the loss of Batman, but I will still be quite upset

  18. Ryan (DeMartinet)

    The Bionicle, Duplo, and Racers themes seem to indicate that this list includes the whole of 2009 (as opposed to just the first part), but The Castle seems to be missing… I hope they do more than those few sets for Castle.

  19. Josh

    There is no way the Nascar racers are based on the Flickr fad. It takes way too long to get a product line going for it to be based on a few recent Flickr creations. There has been a Racer line for years. Nascar is a natural extension of that.

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