Who has the largest minifig collection?

LEGO Public Relations wants to know who has the world’s largest minifig collection. This could mean the highest quantity of minifigs or the most unique minifigs. If you think you have a shot or would like to mention someone else, please comment to this post!

Photo shows the minifig wall at the Orlando LEGO store.

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  1. Kurt

    I’ve been inside that Lego Store in Orlando. It’s very nice. I like it a bit better than the one in Chicago which isn’t shabby either. The wall of minifig there really is impressive.

  2. Poco

    There is a man in Czech republic who has over 2500 unique minifigs (exactly as they come in sets – no “make-up’s”, mixed body parts)

  3. Imhotepidus

    Brian Kasprzyk, whose site is:


    is a Minnesota local, and he estimates he has well over 5000. I don’t know how many ‘uniques’ – he is currently trying to figure that out. But his collection is got to be up there.

    (He has an exact inventory going up to 2001, at which point he had 2200 minifigs).


    PS: Dang, I’m just waiting for them to ask who has the most 1 x 1 round plates! That one is gonna be me, me, me!

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  5. Nathan Proudlove

    Andrew B., you must be up there. I know you have a remarkable fig collection at any rate. An Roy, I might give you a run for your money in the 1×1 round plate count.

  6. Timothy Ratner

    Well, I dunno about my collection, I don’t keep my figs together, I use them for my own custom figs(not decals or anything like that).

  7. David

    I have about 400, I haven’t counted recently, and I mix an match the parts. 400 isn’t too bad considering all but about 10 are from the last 15 years. The one good thing about IJ taking over and Adventures ending is the fact I have about 20 Johnny dudes. :)

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  9. schubi

    Any tips for starting collecting minifigs? Seems to me that most of the figures do not come ‘alone’.. :(

  10. SystemDbrick


    I know the president of FreeLUG , Pascal B.
    He has 2801 unique minifigs at this time !(exactly as they come in sets – no “make-up’s”, mixed body parts).

    I join a link of the picture, fisrt time showing at LEGO WORLD 2004 in Holland :

    The man is Pascal !

    I agreed to post this message. He is currently very busy.

    If you want to contact visit FreeLUG.org, line contact us.


  11. Pascal B


    I have updated this week end my collaction.
    I have 2873 unique minifigs at this time !(exactly as they come in sets – no “make-up’s”, mixed body parts).

    Pascal B.

  12. Pascal B


    I have updated this weekend my collection.
    I have 3006 unique minifigs at this time ! (exactly as they come in sets – no “make-up’s”, mixed body parts).

    Pascal B.

  13. madoka

    Sorry for being late to the discussion. A friend forwarded this link to me recently.

    I’m over 30,000 minifigs now. If I were to open everything from this year’s shopping, I’d have more than the army featured in the gizmondo article. One of these days, I hope to get some AFOLs together to help me break that record.

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