Get your customized aluminum brick keychain!

Bram Lambrecht has for sale some quality customized aluminum LEGO brick keychains. Starting at: $11.99, these unique keychains can be personalized with custom engraving of both characters and logos. Better yet, the 2X4 brick on each keychain is fully compatable with standard LEGO bricks. Click on the image below to get yours today!

5 comments on “Get your customized aluminum brick keychain!

  1. jon palmer

    I lost my original aluminum brick somewhere on the way to vegas once. I’ve missed it ever since. Bram, I’ll be buying several of these.

    They are the perfect lego keychain. They can survive the apocalypse and only look cooler with wear and tear. *Much* cooler than any real lego keychain that falls apart more or less instantly.

  2. Bram Lambrecht

    There was a problem with the USPS shipping calculator for international orders…they like to change their API without telling anyone. It should be fixed now.

  3. Joz

    I ordered mine and paid for mine this morning – shipping to Australia about seven bucks (ususal price from that part of the world). So yep. I say it’s fixed.

    I must say that Brad answered my questions on the product very quickly – excellent customer service!

    I look forward to recieving them and flashing it around like a piece of bling.

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