LEGO Agents 8637 Volcano Base [Review]

Eurobricks member svelte_corps has posted a detailed photo review of the upcoming agents set: 8637 Volcano Base. Click on the photo to read all about this cool new set.

10 comments on “LEGO Agents 8637 Volcano Base [Review]

  1. David

    I’m really disappointed with the interior. The bad guy just sits on the tiny chair right there in front of the door?

  2. Rocko

    Over all, not a bad set. I think I’ll pick one up, at least to snag that evil woman.

  3. M055

    The neon orange parts are enough for me.

    And that’s mission 8 so what’s mission 7?!
    dundun dun

  4. The LS

    I think the landscaping is fantastic, at least for an official set.

    But the interior is completely absurd, and having all 3 bad guys with machine arms is bit annoying to me.

  5. David

    I think the mission numbers will get out of hand, there are already at least 5 sets next year, so that’s up to 13, but what if they do Impulse sets? Will they be Mission… blah blah. They should just stop the lame mission numbers now.

    And what is the price? $70USD?

  6. Corey lisle

    this is just the answer to M055 question, i dont know if im right but i think mission seven is called deep sea quest

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