LEGO Military Build Contest winners announced

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The winners of the first LEGO Military Build Contest (LMBC) have been announced. There were an excellent selection of models throughout the contest and I’m certainly glad I didn’t have to judge (and not just because I came third in one category… not that numbers mean anything ;) ).

For those of you paying attention quite a few of the winners have featured on The Brothers Brick although I’m not sure we ever mentioned that they were entries. Congratulations to all the winners, it really was a superb showing and it looks like the LEGO military flickr group has been well and truly kick-started.

3 comments on “LEGO Military Build Contest winners announced

  1. Nannan

    Thanks for the update, that contest seemed forever, some of the entries were really old, and I never knew that some were even built for this contest!

  2. Mad Physicist

    It started at the end of March and the deadline was extended by two weeks pushing it into June. Some people indeed entered existing MOCs, but the judges were very diligent in excluding those from the judging. AFAIK all of the prize winners were built specifically with this contest in mind. Cheers, Ralph

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