RAMM Habicht Leichter Mehrzweckhubschrauber

I have no idea what these crazy RAMM names mean. Regardless, obxcrew‘s chopper goes “whup whup whup” and seats five minifigs:

While we’re at it, we get a surprising number of search engine hits for “what does LEGO RAMM stand for?” so here’s the answer: Royal Austrian Mechanized Military. And don’t miss RAMM-originator Nick Dean’s own RAMM designs.

6 comments on “RAMM Habicht Leichter Mehrzweckhubschrauber

  1. nolnet

    In this case the name means “RAMM Hawk – light multi-purpose helicopter”. Also the acronym RAMM is a german imperative and translates into “ram!” as in “ram that enemy into the ground unsharpened!”

  2. obxcrew

    Thanks Andrew!

    And nolnet is correct, the name translates to Hawk Light Multi-Purpose Helicopter.

  3. obxcrew

    I haven’t looked at this topic for a while, and I doubt I will for a while after this post. However, I’ll answer the questions posed here. . . .

    John: Actually, I’ve built a jet fighter called the Eisvogel (Kingfisher) a while ago. Check my photostream for a revised version tomorrow.

    Wunz: The original storyline pitted RAMM against Hungarian rebels. In my subtheme, however, the Austrians are fighting Russians after they invaded Azerbaijan.

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