Registration now open for BrickCon 2008, October 2-5 in Seattle [News]

If you’ve never been to a LEGO convention, you probably don’t know what you’re missing. Even if you’ve seen thousands of pictures, it’s not the same.

BrickCon is my hometown LEGO con, held each October in Seattle. Registration is now open, and I’d highly recommend signing up today to come to our fair city this fall.

Naturally, the big draw at any LEGO con is all the LEGO! You might see creations like Kevin Blocksidge’s “Victorian Floating Rock” or a War of the Worlds tripod by Lino Martins:

Maybe you prefer Town creations, like “The Real Cafe Corner” by Alice Leber-Cook, or huge Castle battles:

Of course, BrickCon isn’t just about LEGO. Where else can you have your picture taken with Josh, Shannon, Brendan, a dude in a kilt, Robin, John, and The Keith?

And don’t forget the adoring fans (that’s the back of Michael Rutherford’s head):

Oh, there’s also free stuff. Here’s Steve Barile winning 10181 Eiffel Tower:

When the con is done, here’s how we ship Nathan Proudlove back to Manitoba:

If you’re still not convinced, you might want to check out our past coverage here on The Brothers Brick:

So, what are you waiting for? Register today!

16 comments on “Registration now open for BrickCon 2008, October 2-5 in Seattle [News]

  1. Rocko

    Who’s going to take me on the beer tour? I’m sure we could round up a few drunks at the Con.

  2. Keith G

    I’ll be back this year, but I’ll be flying this time, so no bloated dioramas. I’ve been to 5 LEGO cons now and NWBC (now BrickCon) is by far my favorite. If you get a chance, you must go.

  3. Paul Lee

    I’m dying to go to this one. Are you required to show Mocs? I’m too embarrassed to show anything. And, how much money on average do you think one should expect to blow on pick a bricks and the bazaar? Hundreds? Thousands? Tens?

  4. wintermute

    Brickcon owns.
    Paul – I spent around five hundred bucks last year including a round trip flight to Seattle from LAX, hotel, food, and somewhere around a hundred bucks of swag. Keep in mind I was crashing with three other dudes in a relatively cheap hotel and avoiding fancy outings in favor of cheap beer and greasy food.

  5. wintermute

    Also I held back quite a bit on the spending both at the con and outside the con. At the lego store it was not uncommon for folks to walk out with several hundred dollars worth of brick. Which considering the ammount of Canadian AFOLs and the claims of buying lego once a year is somewhat understandable.

  6. Josh

    @Paul Lee – You don’t have to show MOCs, a lot of people don’t. But I would recommend bringing something, no matter how small. Nobody will make fun of it, and its cool contributing to whatever theme you build in.

    Regarding cash, I think I’ve spent around $250 on brick at each convention I’ve attended. I prefer the Brick Bazaar, since that’s were the deals are to be had, but it depends on what kind of discount and special items the Lego store will have. I wasn’t very impressed with the deals at the Lego Store last year, so I spent all my money in the Bazaar, but the previous year (and at Brickfest) I spent a goodly portion at the Store.

  7. Zepher

    I kinda want to go, but I never would. I’m young, and I’m sure no one would be interested. AFOL’s are always more exciting to see/meet.

  8. Keith G

    Going to any con is like going to Vegas, Don’t bring your credit cards and only bring what you can afford to loose. Between the discount at the LEGO stores and the vendors, and the aftermarket guys you won’t have any money left. That and the liqour bill….and the price of the sci-fi museum…and mariachis…do you have any idea how much it costs to hire mariachis in seattle?

  9. Penny Buffington

    I would love to surprise my 12 year old son with a trip to the Lego convention in Seattle. Where can I get more details? Dates, location and hotel information.
    thank you
    Penny Buffington

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