Brickworld 2008 is coming (June 19-22)

Brickworld, a LEGO convention in its second year hosted in Chicago, will be taking place in less than two weeks on June 19-22. It is never too late to register, but it’s better to do so sooner than later. I’ll be attending in part on behalf of The Brothers Brick to update the blog with pictures and news.

Meanwhile, the most recent episode of LAML Radio conducts an informative interview with Bryan Bonahoom, one of Brickworld’s main coordinators, to give the lowdown on the event and what’s happening.

You can see pictures of last year’s Brickworld in this flickr gallery.

5 comments on “Brickworld 2008 is coming (June 19-22)

  1. Andrew

    Ha! I was going to highlight open registration for BrickCon today. :-D

    I’m sorry I won’t be able to make it to Brickworld, but I’m really glad one of us is able to represent The Brothers Brick.

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