In a future without cell phones...

Sometimes, the concept of a LEGO creation is what gets my attention. That’s not to say that Teikjoon‘s “Headphones” isn’t cool on its own:

But here’s the description:

The increasing amounts of technology in cellular phones eventually led to the creation of the largest network on the planet. On July 28th, 2009 this network achieved self-awareness and named itself…SKYNET.

Overnight, all existing cell phones were rendered useless. In their place, strange, seemingly intelligent robots appeared. By interacting with these robots, one could place a call to anyone on the planet, without paying outrageous charges to telecommunication companies…. (More…)

Ha! This deserves a second creation from Teikjoon — a prisoner transport called “Cruiser”:

2 comments on “In a future without cell phones...

  1. Von Goyle

    What?! How is it possible that I’m the first one to comment on this, I usually have to post something lame or half-thought about three down the list, what is this?
    Okay, anyway, this is what the LEGO Gods were imagining when they said “Hey, we want you to build our sets, but we REALLY want you to come up with your own stuff.”
    We end up with this… Great and imaginitive.
    And run on sentences in response postings. To think, my wife is a teacher.

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