Brando Bulldog the Butcher

I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve always credited Mark “Hinckley” Larson with starting the whole Fabuland trend way back when with his Fabuland Housewives series.

Mark’s latest Fabuland creation features Brando Bulldog and his lovely house:

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3 comments on “Brando Bulldog the Butcher

  1. ExoBuilder

    Yeah, he is! He’s a great Fabuland builder, all of his Fabuland creations are great. He also builds some real nice normal creations.

  2. Mark "Hinckley" Larson

    Hey! Who you callin’ “normal?” >:-(

    :P Just kidding. Thanks for blogging my creation! Wow, that’s very nice of you. You can see more of my stuff at and I’ll be at BrickWorld in Chicago (my home town <3 !) in a couple of weeks. Copmike will be there too and we have some surprise displays.

    I also be debuting my custom figs and launching a customs store on my website that same weekend. Yikes! Talk about shameless self-promotion. :-/ Sorry to turn your blog into a personal billboard for a second.

    You know, I don’t know if it’s true either if I renewed people’s interest in Fabuland or not. I’d like to think I did, but I’ve got a lot of Fabuland brethren right now to help me with the revolution, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

    Thanks again!

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