Photo review of LEGO Agents 8631 Jetpack Pursuit [News]

I don’t know how or where, but Flickrite okayaraman has picked up a copy of forthcoming LEGO Agents set 8631 Jetpack Pursuit (due out this fall, I believe).

Click through to Flickr for lots of photos:

Ever since seeing the earlier prototype pictures, I’ve been wondering how the chainsaw is connected to the cyborg’s arm. This appears to be the first new arm piece in 30 years:

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  1. Bob

    My Toys R Us had all the new Agents sets along with the new MARS sets on Friday when I stopped by. So they are out here in Ohio. :-)

  2. Jack

    Freaking awesome. After my Lego Indiana Jones collecting is finished, I so gotta collect these!

  3. Draddog

    The TRU in Bellevue, WA, has the first three Agent sets, including this one, the one with the bike and tower, and the car/plane chase. I grabbed this one as well, haven’t had a chance to build it yet though.

  4. Bruce n h

    Not to be pedantic, but the Basketball line (2003-2004) had different arm elements. There was also the pirate hook-hand (introduced in 1989) and the arms for the light-up figs (2005 – various SW figs with lightsabers and also IIRC a policeman with a flashlight).

  5. David

    Bruce, this is the first complete redesign of a minifig arm. The Basketball line (Do I even want to call those minifigures?) was pretty much just a slightly different regular arm. The light up guys still had a somewhat normal arm, and the hook, that was also used in Aquasharks, was just an add on to a normal arm.

    This is something completely new.

  6. Nannan

    I’m all up for new parts, if I won’t use them, someone else will.

    I’m also excited about the black hair, now I can finally make my sigfig have my hair style.

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