A pencil inside a mug

I’m not entirely happy with Donna, the 10th Doctor’s most recent companion. I was kind of hoping Astrid Peth (played by a shockingly young-looking Kylie Minogue) would join The Doctor on his journeys through space and time, but that was not to be.

Anyway, that doesn’t detract from how cool I think Ochre Jelly‘s latest Miniland figures are, inspired by Doctor Who:

Yes, Donna’s screaming. What else would she be doing?

2 comments on “A pencil inside a mug

  1. DARKspawn

    I’m a Martha fan myself – although Leela will always have a place in my heart (don’t tell my wife!)

  2. Dave Lartigue

    You’re crazy, you crazy man! Donna is awesome! Reminds me of Tegan, and how cool is that? I prefer a companion who isn’t all goo-goo eyes and “Oh Doctor you’re EVER so smart! EEEEE! I sprained my ankle!”

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