Photos of upcoming Mars Mission, SpongeBob, and Technic sets [News]

Brickshelf user whung has found some more pictures of upcoming sets that’s never before seen by the community. Here are the ones that were most recently uploaded:

9 comments on “Photos of upcoming Mars Mission, SpongeBob, and Technic sets [News]

  1. Andrew

    yeah I was just thinking that’s some pretty slick design for the mars mission set.

  2. Pete

    Wow, these are neat. I wonder if any AFOL were involved? Some design elements look like they came from fans.

  3. Morgan19

    Nice to see MM moving away from the orange-centric design elements; those always looked to garish to me. This new one with its blue, white, and light grey looks a lot like Star Justice– I really like that color scheme.


  4. David

    Too bad LEGO can’t get it’s head out of their asses and make Mars Mission sets that are just human vehicles and alien vehicles. This set will cost at least $70 because of the lame alien ship in the background.

    And that SpongeBob set has been seen before, just in a really bad picture.

  5. Keith Melton

    Some of those new Mars sets are defintely looking nice. A return to classic space thinking IMO.

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