The ever excellent Esben Kolind of Danish LUG, Byggepladen (baseplate for a random fact of the day) presents an amazing brick rendition of Hundertwasser‘s KunstHausWien in Vienna, Austria. The building techniques used on this model really bring the complex shapes of the original to life and it seems that no detail is left ignored.

Esben Kolind's KunstHausWien

4 comments on “KunstHausWhat?!!!!

  1. Bruce

    Oh wow, that’s really cool. When I first saw the thumbnail on Brickshelf I thought it was a simple checkerboard pattern, so didn’t think much of it. But looking at the full size image you see all the different shapes and techniques used. Great catch.

  2. matt

    that’s awesome! i visited this house a couple of years ago while touring austria, and at the time I didn’t really know what it was. I STILL don’t know anything about the house, heh, but it’s awesome that this person’s captured the smooth curves and bold colors in LEGO.

  3. hamilton

    true Lego® Architectural genius!!
    Watch out Koolhaus!!
    i am spellbound by every aspect of this build…..

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