Have we mentioned the overwhelming air superiority of Ralph Savelsberg?

I think it’s come up a couple times.

Ralph Savelsberg continues to amaze the world not just with the quality of his creations but the sheer quantity. The kicker is obvious from the picture above. He keeps many of them built!

His latest aircraft include an AH-1W SuperCobra and F-5E Tiger:

US Navy Sea King and HH-1N helicopters:

But my favorite is his most recent (and smallest) — a Predator UAV:

9 comments on “Have we mentioned the overwhelming air superiority of Ralph Savelsberg?

  1. Lone wolf (jk)

    they’re all well built, but you need a v22 osprey and a b2. not mention a black hawk.
    -Kudos on the pedator UAV-

  2. Hawk

    That Predator is indeed sweet. I like his AWACS craft, as well, although the lack of a B-2 Spirit is rather disappointing.

  3. Mad Physicist

    A B-2 Spirit huh? You guys don’t ask much ;-) . I considered building a B-2 but then built the B-1 instead, because I figured it would be more interesting and because of the B-2’s wing span would be 5 ft. on this scale. Anyway, never say never. I didn’t do a Blackhawk because I already have a very similar Sea Hawk -a black one. Right now I’m building yet another helicopter.

  4. Mad Physicist

    Thanks. The Brothers brick got it right though. The most common version of the twin Huey in US service is indeed the UH-1N utility/transport, but rescue versions such as the one I built are actually called HH-1N.

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