Buy LEGO: Star Justice and Space Skulls now available from LEGO Shop

Reader Angus sends word that 10191 Star Justiceicon and 10192 Space Skullsicon are now available from the LEGO Shop.

Chris Giddens’ Star Justice:


Mark Sandlin’s Space Skulls:


If that’s not quite your thing, here are a few other options to whet your ABS appetite (and help pay our bills):

8 comments on “Buy LEGO: Star Justice and Space Skulls now available from LEGO Shop

  1. Andrew Post author

    *evil laugh*

    Which brings up the question to our readers: Do you mind this type of in-your-face product placement?

    We really do use the money to pay the bills… :-)

  2. David

    Cheap: Luke Skywalker™ Pilot Maquette


    I saw that in the Lego Store, it might be the height of 4 regular minifigures, it’s tiny, and yet still $28.

    There is no reason that thing should cost more than $15-$20.

  3. Andrew Post author

    David: Fair enough, but it’s a display item, not a true toy, and originally $70, thus “cheap” at $27. :-)

    LegoShark: It’s Mark, not Matt. ;-)

    Paul: I explain the redirect links in the announcement post about adding these ads (they help give me credit for purchases that originate here on TBB). I’m not sure why they wouldn’t work for you, but it could be that you’re in a location where the online LEGO Shop isn’t available or that LinkSynergy doesn’t recognize.

  4. Nathan Proudlove

    I don’t mind this product placement at all. I think of it more as support for a fellow AFOL community member. I don’t know how Chris and Mark benefit from sales of these, but even if they don’t benefit financially at all, support for these will show TLG that we fans have a voice. We must support efforts like this from the company to include fans in this way. Also I appreciate the reminder to go to SAH through this site for the benefit they get.

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