Scaled up 375/6075 Yellow Castle by Duncan Titmarsh

Huw Millington sends word of a Brickish Association event he recently attended, where the centerpiece was a 6x version of 375/6075 Castle — aka “The Yellow Castle” or “What I wanted for Christmas 1978 and why I’m still not speaking to my parents, 30 years later.” ;-)

Don’t think that looks that big? Think again:

Check out more photos in photosets from Martin Long, Huw, and Darren Smith.

EDIT: Commenters over on Gizmodo point out that this is a 6:1 scale model, not just 6x bigger, which means that it’s actually 216 times as big as the original!

16 comments on “Scaled up 375/6075 Yellow Castle by Duncan Titmarsh

  1. Rocko

    This is insane. A classic castle built from big bricks which are in turn comprised of normal scale elements. It’s making my brain hurt from it’s cheesy coolness.

  2. Bex

    It’s even better close up when you can see how much of a talent the lads that built this have.

  3. Bruce


    Just to emphasize what Rocko implies in his post, the ultra cool thing about this is not that it’s just another scaled-up creation. They actually came with crates of 6x bricks, and these were assembled on-site using the instructions from the original set with the giant bricks. This may well be my favorite castle LEGO thing ever.

    Here’s another great gallery from Gizmodo.


  4. Robert Gurskey

    I love the paddle wheeler in the gallery, and I recognize Peter Reid’s spaceships.

  5. "Big Daddy" Nelson

    This is one of the most awesome MOCs ever! You can see that they even have one of the Red Doors positioned ‘upside down’ in the build! :)

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  7. Gambort

    talltim> Did you get the L size t-shirt? It looks like you’ve put on about 50kg of pure muscle, all on your shoulders, in that pic. I believe those guys are insane.

  8. Jai

    Love it, love it, love it. And I did see the Mr. Men! Fantastic. It’s gonna be really hard to ever top this act for “best display of love for the Yellow Castle set”.

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  10. Joyce King

    I have been searching for the yellow castle instructions for years…is is possible to get them? Please advise. Joyce

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