News: Old grey is back!

Eurobricks is reporting that due to overwhelming demand from the online LEGO fan community, LEGO has apparently decided to resume production of the old light grey and dark grey colors.

According to color psychologist, Carl Renbaugh:

It is very detrimental to one’s psyche when one suffers the loss of an important color in one’s life. Adult Fans of LEGO have been living with extreme psychological anguish for a number of years now. Reinstating these colors is a very compassionate move by The LEGO Company.

So, there you are, people. Old grey is alive and well!

Update (April 2): April Fools!

9 comments on “News: Old grey is back!

  1. Dunechaser

    This is so awesome. I was talking to my team of therapists about the new vs. old grey issue the other day, and they called it an “Adjustment Disorder.” I think I’m cured!

  2. Von Goyle

    I had a blay house with a blay window…
    Blay is the color, I often wear…
    Blay is the cinder block and sidewalk too…
    Blay is the brain that lives inside you..
    I’m Blay dabba do dabba dee Dabba Dooo Dabba Dee Dabba Daaa
    Dabba Dee Dabba Da..

  3. wusmand

    Even though this is fake (sorry) I am x-tremely against this, I have adapted to bley over the years, and bley mixed with bley creations look horrible!

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