News: LEGO to stop producing studded bricks in 2010

The LEGO Group has announced that the stud is being discontinued. Making the biggest change ever to their iconic “System of Play,” the company said in a private phone call to a select group of fans that the time of the stud is over. They will be releasing a new brick that sticks together with internal magnets.

Bjorn Kjeldsen, head of LEGO’s Magnetic Research Department, listed several reasons for the shift:

First of all, magnets are much more fun. What child hasn’t spent hours attaching and reattaching piles of magnets? They are much easier for small children to use than the current studded brick. Secondly, people equate magnets with fun and style. Not so with studs. Studs are old-fashioned. They are so 20th century. Magnets will take us through the 21st century and beyond! Lastly, there is the engineering issue. What with the recent decision to transfer production from Mexico to Madagascar, we needed a new brick that required less manufacturing precision. These new magnetic bricks fit the bill perfectly.

I guess this gives a whole new meaning to studless creations…

Update (April 2): April Fools!

20 comments on “News: LEGO to stop producing studded bricks in 2010

  1. jk

    Is this a april fools joke? because if it is i have mixed feelings. i like studded bricks, and l’ve had magnetic toys in the past. trust me, they wern’t sturdy and didn’t stay together. unless leho can make them verry sturdy and keep thier magnatism for a long time, they shouldn’t make them. Besides, if they make these, what will happen to our beloved minifigs? Please comment!

  2. Josh Post author

    Yup, its true. Magnets are the wave of the future, better get used to it. Regarding the minifig, did you read the article? It mentions them. They will be cast iron from now on. That way they will still be able to attach to the bricks. Pretty crazy, huh?

  3. David

    These aren’t funny.

    All you did was fill up your front page with trash and pissed off your fanbase.

  4. William Meitzler

    I don’t know; I like this one and the drug one. Otherwise, they’re REALLY weak.

  5. ThePaleMan

    I don’t know. “Talk about swooshable!” made me laugh right out loud. And I don’t do that online.

  6. ry

    What this whole thing has taught me is that David isn’t just a douchebag when it comes to the Space Factory sets: it’s all the time.

    Thanks Bros Brick for learning me this lesson today! :)

  7. Dunechaser

    David, I won’t call you any names (other than “David”), but don’t presume to speak for everybody.

    Personally, I can’t wait for the magnetized bricks!

  8. Samuel Christian

    Lego is probably on drugs or sumthin…MAGNETIZED BRICKS!?!?! WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!

  9. Matthew

    ha ha ha. reeeeeeaaaaal funny. Drugs in Legos??? Magnetized bricks?? This is starting to get dumb.

  10. Von Goyle

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the new bricks and make a CPU case with them WWEEEEEEE HOOOOO!!! I’m going out and getting 5K worth of Alienware to set in that sucker right now!!!! See y’all later!

  11. FM

    Dudes, this is an April Fools joke. You really think LEGO was going to do this? Although, some of the others were quite funny. :)

  12. David

    The drug one was fine, having 1-2 “jokes” (Which aren’t really funny, so are they jokes?) would have been fine. Instead you wasted your whole homepage on trash to the point where any little level of funny went out the window and became extremely annoying.

    It’s almost enough to leave the site, and this is my favorite LEGO site.

  13. Lonnon

    Seems like a delightful collection of entertaining parody articles to me, thoughtfully crafted with every intention to amuse and delight. It’s sad to see such work wasted on people who need something better to do with their time than post disparaging and insulting remarks in a comments form.

  14. Josh Post author

    David, your comments have been the highlight of my day. Seriously, they have and I thank you. When we planned this I had no idea that it would bring out comments like this. You made my April 1st. :-)

    Regarding you “leaving” the site, we at Brothers Brick do this because we like it, not because we HAVE to have readers. We don’t force anyone to read us, but it appears that people do anyway. If you want to “leave”, that is sad, but the choice is yours and yours only. We will be back to our regular programming tomorrow, but if you can’t deal with a little whimsy now and again that is really rather sad. For that (and that only) I am sorry.

  15. Von Goyle

    My ma says that a magnetic LEGO CPU case won’t work well with super expensive computer guts, but she said the same thing about drying Foofie off in the microwave too…

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