Minifig heroes

I’m sorry to say that my series of minifig heroes ran out of steam a couple months ago, mainly because writing up all those mini-bios was surprisingly time-consuming. Lame excuse, I know.

Well, I had all of the minifigs built and photographed, so I thought I’d go ahead and share them here.

Dorothy Day and the Dalai Lama:

Chief Seattle and Chief Joseph:

César Chávez and Barney Frank:

From Gandhi to Rosa Parks, see all the previous entries in this series on Flickr.

7 comments on “Minifig heroes

  1. thwaak

    Humans…are..well…human. Every person in history who we would consider great or hero-like still had their vices and faults and made mistakes. Despite these feet of clay, it doesn’t rob any one individual of the greater good they accomplished for society or humanity.

    And when one of these heroes is at the top of a mountain of praise, you have a choice to try knocking them down because of their flaws, or to admire that they were able to climb that mountain, despite those flaws.

    My two cents.

  2. Marc Nelson Jr.

    Well, I wouldn’t consider Larry Craig a hero, just like I wouldn’t consider Barney Frank one. Politicians in general don’t seem to have too many heroic qualities.

    How about Candace Gingrich? Or maybe Tammy Baldwin, who actually ran as a gay person rather than coming out after being elected?

    OK, no more politics from me! Sorry, Andrew! Leg godt, all.

  3. Bruce

    Hey Andrew,

    A nice series. My favorite is probably the Dalai Lama, though he looks a little like Gandhi with a shirt on. I have to agree that I wouldn’t have put Barney Frank in this list, as he’s kind of one in a series of politicians to me, less of a historic figure like the others.


  4. Chris Bragg

    Nice. Although I do miss your fictional hero figs such as the Broccoli Agenger, a personal fav.

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