A request about photography

Dear model making readers,

On Brothers Brick we love showcasing the best examples of LEGO model making we can find. As a pictorial blog, however, we have to ensure that our posts are visually appealing and draw the reader to each and every post. Sometimes this can mean that we cannot post a model due to a lack of a clear picture to use in its post. Visual clarity is important and without a good feature photo we cannot have a good feature post.

As such we’d like to request everyone out there who would like to appear here to try to take clearer photos of your models. If you post a great model please try to take at least one photo with a nice clean background so that the model pops out. All you need is an A2 sheet of paper to put under and behind the model to improve things dramatically. As you can see from the example below the clear background is so much better (same angle, same natural lighting, A2 in the second shot). Reading and taking the advice of one of the many photograph tutorials or threads [1] [2] [3] [4] can improve things even more.

Thank you in advance,


PS. If you know of any more photography tutorials please post a link in the discussion here.

Demo of backgrounds

15 comments on “A request about photography

  1. Gambort Post author

    If we ever change to Brothers Weave I’d use it.

    Actually my camera has the crappiest colour balance in the world so the white background makes it mess the colours up. I’d usually edit it to restore the true colours but for the example I wanted to leave it.

  2. Gambort Post author

    I believe everyone in the world can see the link you gave. Perhaps you meant some other link, possibly a photography thread that I didn’t realise wasn’t public. Try being right when you’re being snide and it will work out better for you.

  3. Sibley

    I believe he was referring to the Builders Lounge link, which is the the Techniques & Ideas subforum, which is private.

    I believe the main problem with your second picture is that you have so much light that the headlights and the white tile blend in with the background.

  4. Gambort Post author

    Yeah I knew that, Dan, but given the way he wrote it I wasn’t going to leave such a glaring mistake go uncommented. “The BL link is private” would have been more informative and covered up for the error.

    The lighting is identical for the two photos as they were taken about 1min apart on a sunny day with minimal cloud. The camera, unfortunately, ‘corrects’ things and has no way to switch the ‘feature’ off that I’ve found.

  5. Brendan Mauro


    That was the link I was referring to. For some reason the first time I posted the comment, with the correct link, it did not show. And I realized the error the second time, and posted a follow-up correcting it, which also apparently failed to show up, and when I think about it this isn’t the first time this has happened (must be a WordPress bug…)

    And I reserve the right to make snide comments about private, elitist bullcrap as long as it exists in this community. :D

  6. Gambort Post author

    And I reserve the right to mock erroneous snide comments ;)

    I’m hardly one to go criticising their existence. That said I don’t think this post is really the place for making them about Builder’s Lounge as neither I nor the commentators here have anything to do with its running. You do have your own blog where you can make a whole post about it. It’s not unprecedented.

  7. DARKspawn

    You know, Brendan, I think each & every blogger of the Brother’s Brick are involved with Builders Lounge to some degree, well done for providing me with a good laugh this morning!

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