Futurama by Pepa

Matt De Lanoy (aka Pepa Quin) has been long around and known for his large lego models, especially those from Star Wars. His latest project ventures into the world of the sitcom Futurama.

Check out his Futurama creation on the new website Brickpics, also including an impressive lineup of custom minifigs, bearing high semblance to the TV characters themselves.

18 comments on “Futurama by Pepa

  1. David


    They look awesome! Except Bender’s legs, they look weird. :)

    And just as a reminder the first Futurama DVD movie, Bender’s Big Score, will be shown in four episodes tomorrow night on Comedy Central from 8-10pm Eastern time.

  2. Rocko

    Awesome! I was totally going to build the Planet Express building a while back but got sidetracked. Matt pulled it off excellently…..and probably better than mine would have turned out. ;)

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  9. Rosana Dolón

    My son (and me) are really Futurama-fans. Can this lego-set be ordered/bought? Is it just there for display? We would love to play with it. Could you tell us if you know about this?

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